EBYS wants to give more to its users. EBYS sharing is even more satisfying.

We see great potential in renting private things and we want both owners and tenants to benefit from it. We are offering a 10% increase in income for owners and a 10% reduction for renters.

Terms and conditions for the owners:

To qualify for this promotion, you need to sign up for a free account on our platform and submit your product with your daily rental rate. When rental income exceeds PLN 500, EBYS automatically adds up to 10% more.

Terms and conditions for renters:

To qualify for this promotion, you will need to set up a free account on our platform, book your chosen item and update all necessary booking information. When the rental cost exceeds PLN 500, EBYS will automatically deduct 10% from this amount.

The promotion is indefinite and covers all users of the platform. The promotion is for the first 500 zŁ. Earned and issued  on our site.

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